For more than 2 years I have lived in one of the T L Properties’ flats. I came here from London as the rents were more accessible and I do not regret having taken this decision. Now that I have a full-time job here, and
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I have been with this Agency for the past 8 years.  My flat is centrally located in Luton and I find this area and the building where I am living very clean, safe, and close to all the amenities.  I am pleased with my overall
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I was very satisfied with the quality of service I received from T L Properties. Every time I encountered a problem, they were very helpful and prompt in solving it. I was impressed with the professional attitude of the staff. I would surely recommend T
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I had a good rental experience with the Agency. I paid a fair price for a good property, with all the facilities I needed. Throughout time, I encountered no problems with the flat and the staff was very friendly. I definitely recommend T L Properties.


Renting from T L Properties was really easy and efficient. Whenever I had a problem or enquiry, it was always quickly answered. The staff is always friendly, polite, and not dismissive like a lot of other letting agents I have encountered. All in all, a
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I have been living with the Agency over 4 years now, and moved about 3 times across their properties. I had no problem so far. With regards to the team, they are excellent, efficient, and very easy to communicate with. My renting experience with the
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